College Masti/Campus Life

As the name suggests, it is all about fun. The art clubs, the places of hanging around, interesting talents on campuses. Academic pursuits need to be balanced with recreational time and here is where we come in. For a new student who enters a hallowed college of learning, knowing the places and teams of social interaction is of paramount importance since social behavior is shaped as a student. Know about music, dance, cooking, theatre, painting classes and more. Know the contests, the annual days, the festivals, the winners, the food and the beverages. We will also interview winners from talent shows and mimicry artists amongst you. Read about treks, adventure clubs, photography clubs, animal welfare clubs, sports teams and nature clubs here. Know about the fun days and dress codes, fresh faces and the most popular faces on each campus we visit. We will also interview your favorite canteen guy and his most popular dish for you!

You can also write to us if you wish to see a specific college featured and/or a specific activity on our website.

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